Orbita Chatbot Automates CentraCare's Digital Front Door and COVID-19 Support Programs

Orbita, the leading provider of HIPAA-compliant conversational voice and chat solutions for healthcare, recently announced that CentraCare has adopted Orbita’s ENGAGE solution to automate and streamline care navigation, including symptom checking, general patient inquires, and COVID-19 information and screening. 

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CentraCare & Orbita

We see great potential in OrbitaENGAGE to enhance the patient experience while improving our operational efficiency. Since launching it earlier this year, we are already seeing patients quickly gravitating to our chatbot.

-Amy Porwoll, Chief Information Officer at CentraCare

CentraCare & Orbita


The COVID-19 vaccine has added a new set of challenges to healthcare organizations rebounding from the impacts of the pandemic. Requirements to support vaccinations scheduling, eligibility screening, and post-vaccination monitoring are placing unmanageable demands on health system call centers and staff.

The OrbitaENGAGE solution provides healthcare organizations with a solution to reach and engage patients 24/7 through natural, intuitive virtual assistants that increase patient engagement while reducing demand on overburdened healthcare employees and call centers. Unlike basic web-based chatbots limited to simple question answering and reference lookups, the OrbitaENGAGE solution includes options to proactively check-in with patients with outbound text messages, email, and automated phone calls as part of integrated, multi-channel outreach campaign.

Tap the power of conversational AI for your organization:

Orbita has been supporting healthcare organizations throughout the pandemic with chat and voice solutions that offload administrative responsibilities and engage a higher volume of patients in a more direct and meaningful way. For example, we're automating critical workflows for the COVID-19 vaccine response, like eligibility checks and post-vaccination monitoring, to ensure that patients are receiving the most effective and efficient care at scale.

Bill Rogers, CEO at Orbita

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