Orbita Launches Enhanced Patient Outreach Solution to Reduce Friction and Automate Critical Workflows for Healthcare and Life Sciences Organizations

New proactive engagement features respond to patients' needs with empathy

We recently announced our enhanced capabilities and widespread availability of our proactive, omnichannel patient outreach solution, Orbita Outreach. Built on our award-winning conversational AI platform, Orbita Outreach now addresses even more patient engagement use cases, using intelligent virtual assistant technology to automate proactive outreach programs for patient support, appointment scheduling and preparation, follow-up, and much more.

As patients return to regularly scheduled maintenance care and appointments post-COVID, the influx of appointments can overwhelm front-office staff and administrators. Traditional scheduling processes are cumbersome for healthcare staff and frustrating for patients who expect a more seamless experience with their healthcare.

Orbita Outreach deploys comprehensive, omnichannel campaigns that interact with patients in a flexible, conversational way to assist with appointment scheduling, Q&A, and more effectively.

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"The pandemic not only raised patient expectations when it comes to accessibility of care, but it also shone a spotlight on areas of friction within the healthcare experience, automated menus and yes/no scripts just don't cut it anymore.


A truly effective outreach solution, like Orbita Outreach, will automate critical workflows, like appointment scheduling processes, and proactively offer options, such as office location recommendations based on the user's phone location or information about the appointment or procedure to put a patient at ease. This is the future of automation in healthcare: technology that responds to your patients' needs in the same, empathetic way that you do."

-Patty Riskind, CEO at Orbita

Automation with Empathy

Innovative healthcare, life sciences, and medical technology organizations rely on Orbita to power high-value virtual assistants for digital front door applications, remote patient support, pre and post-visit outreach, and other critical interactions throughout the care journey. Orbita’s robust conversational platform is designed for both developers and business users to quickly build, deploy, and easily manage virtual assistants for smart speakers, web and mobile chat apps, text messaging applications, interactive voice systems, and custom devices. Orbita’s platform is HIPAA compliant and SOC2 certified. Orbita customers and partners include Medstar Health, Mayo Clinic, Philips Healthcare, Amwell, Janssen, Medtronic, Yale New Haven Hospital, Bristol Myers Squibb, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and others.

Tap the power of conversational AI for your organization:

To support the development of Orbita's out-of-the-box, conversational experiences, Orbita Outreach now includes enhancements and features that automate outreach while creating a more human-like interaction across multiple channels. Key functionalities include:

  • Schedule, change or cancel appointments: Advanced scheduling functionality uses intuitive natural language processing (NLP) and smart recommendations that make it easier for patients to schedule an appointment.
  • Appointment reminders and contextual nudges: Orbita Outreach automates patient reminders to reduce no-shows and can help answer pre-appointment questions, executing contextual nudges to ensure their questions are answered and that patients are prepared for their appointment.
  • Round-the-clock, omnichannel deployment: Patients can send and receive communications 24/7 and in a variety of ways to fit their preference, including text message, voice call, email, chatbot and more.
  • Escalation to live agent: The automated solution detects when human intervention is needed and will seamlessly transfer the patient to a live agent within the conversational platform, providing the agent with relevant background and conversational history without the patient needing to move to a new communications platform.

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