Revitalize the healthcare consumer journey with virtual assistants: Find a Doc, Find a Location, and Scheduling

Orbita July Webinar: Revitalize the healthcare consumer journey with virtual assistants: Find a Doc, Find a Location, and Scheduling



Bill Cava

CPO, Orbita

Bill is Orbita's Chief Product Officer and has over 18 years of experience as a software executive. Previously, Bill founded WiseMine, a SaaS platform providing big data analytics for content marketing. He is a published author, a technology adviser, founder of the NH Data Science Group, and holds multiple patents in information retrieval.

Wednesday, July 31 - 1pm ET 

Healthcare consumers prefer digital solutions (vs.
phone/in-person solutions) as they search for doctors, look for hospitals, and schedule appointments.* Today's savviest healthcare organizations are tapping into the power of conversational AI through voice and chatbot virtual assistants.

During this webinar, we'll explore:

  • how consumerization drives demand for interactive voice and chat engagement 
  • options to consider when moving into conversational AI 
  • time- and cost-savings of 
    using pre-built modules  
  • the platform approach  deploying virtual assistant modules within a framework that meets enterprise requirements (security, interoperability, omnichannel, multi-modal support) 

Who should attend? Individuals in provider, payer and other healthcare organizations will glean important insights from this session (titles such as Marketing, Digital Strategy, Innovation, Consumer or Member Services, Digital Engagement, etc.) as well as those in information services, user experience (UX) and other aligned technology roles.

*McKinsey Consumer Health Insights Survey