WEBINAR | Welcome to your next-generation digital front door: virtual health assistants


Thomas Neumann

Thomas Neumann

Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic

Tom Neumann is a marketing executive driving Cleveland Clinic’s content and creative services initiatives. He is responsible for leading a team of professionals, including the writers, graphic designers, medical illustrators, and photographers who work in tandem with the institution’s clinical experts to create and deliver engaging health information.


Kristi Ebong

SVP Corporate Strategy, Orbita

Kristi has nearly 15 years of experience in health tech. Prior to Orbita, she was head of emerging technology at Cedars-Sinai, and served under the Obama Administration in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. Her professional roots include time spent at Epic Systems, large healthcare providers, startups, and foundations.

As healthcare consumerization gains steam, patients want real-time access and immediate information to make healthcare decisions.

How can you tap the power of virtual assistants and conversational AI? How do you curate and use information to help patients discover your organization through next-generation digital marketing and conversational SEO?

Our experts discuss:

  • Challenges, problems and opportunities related to the digital front door in healthcare
  • Key considerations for expanding your approach with voice and chat virtual health assistants
  • Identifying and aligning conversational AI solutions for your organization

"Many health systems are choosing to stay with the status quo, confident in their brand loyalty among their patients. However, if the experience in other sectors is anything to go by, healthcare is a hair's breadth away from seeing its most cherished relationships disrupted forever."

Paddy Padmanabhan
Digital Front Doors – The New Battleground for the Healthcare Consumer’s Attention
July 26, 2019, CIO Magazine