Webinar: The power of voice to virtualize clinical trials




Enrique Estrada

Director of Strategic Solutions Sales, Care Innovations

Enrique has more than 20 years of broad consulting, product lifecycle and strategy experience in telecommunications and healthcare. He has worked in many transformational roles, including startups and fortune 500 companies, as a principal innovator and product owner of new and disruptive technologies and services. Enrique has productized network management tools, telemedicine solutions, healthcare exchanges, and a virtual scribe service integrated into EMRs. 

Nathan Treloar

President & Co-Founder, Orbita

Nate  has served in leadership roles in several successful high growth software companies including Orbita which offers the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive platform for powering voice and chatbot solutions. Previously, he held key executive positions at FAST Search, Microsoft, RAMP and Ektron. He is a respected expert on IoT trends, search, text/data mining and knowledge management and has advised hundreds of the world’s largest entities on their applications.

Why new conversational interfaces will improve efficiency and engagement


Voice is showing great promise to drive radical transformation in healthcare. In pharmacy and biotech, conversational interfaces are now used to support the concept of “virtual trials” with newfound opportunities to automate a trial’s plethora of resource-intensive processes.

Today’s most digitally savvy organizations are coupling remote patient monitoring and management capabilities with both peripherals and the power of natural language processing. Some are adding layers of highly advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to achieve efficiencies never before imagined.

Hear from two experts now working with leading pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations to bring voice into the fold of digital engagement to reduce administrative burdens and costs. Discover how you can: 

  • Improve patient recruitment and experience 
  • Automate enrollment, improve patient diary-keeping
  • Enhance engagement to reduce fatigue, drop-off and attrition
  • Secure more meaningful, accurate and actionable data
  • Streamline and enhance data capture for back-office administration
  • Integrate voice data with multiple data sets to power analytics-driven insights
  • Capture language-specific insight and provide on-the-fly, next-step custom responses
  • Proactively identify behavioral changes to empower responses aimed at safety, engagement etc.