How Healthcare Payors Are Leveraging Voice Apps And Chat Bots

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Jessie Gatto

Senior Innovation Strategist & Information Designer at Humana Healthcare Trend and Innovation

Jessie designs, tests and scales new programs to help Humana members achieve their best health. Prior to Humana, she was Design Director at a physician referral start-up and spent eight years at innovation consultancy Doblin Deloitte, where she led the design practice. Jessie has a Master’s in Design from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Institute of Design and a Bachelor’s from the University of Chicago. She has taught user-centered design at IIT, Columbia College of Art Chicago, and CEDIM.

Bill Cava

Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Orbita

Bill has nearly 20 years of experience as a software executive. Previously, Bill founded WiseMine, a SaaS platform providing big data analytics for content marketing. He is a published author, a technology adviser, founder of the NH Data Science Group, and holds multiple patents in information retrieval.

Lessons learned in developing a conversational virtual health assistant

Today’s most innovative healthcare payors are exploring new opportunities for using conversational experiences to enhance member engagement and improve care management. Humana’s innovation team recently completed a pilot that yielded highly valuable insights for developing the capabilities and know-how needed to roll out a successful voice initiative.

  •  Hear first-hand from the expert whose team created and tested a virtual health assistant to support high-acuity senior members in their daily lives
  • Review lessons learned: pros and cons of voice as a channel, barriers to adoption and best practice insights for success
  • Understand technical requirements for developing and deploying conversational agents – unique needs of voice for digital engagement, security/HIPAA compliance,  cross platform deployment (smart speakers, mobile and web chatbots), etc.

Use this valuable information to understand how your organization can realize the upside of voice - not only to improve care management but also to enhance digital marketing, member engagement, wellness initiatives and more.