WEBINAR | Scaling front-line COVID-19 response: virtual education, screening, triage, and patient navigation

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Arielle Trzcinski

Senior Analyst, Forrester

At Forrester, Arielle’s research focuses on how healthcare organizations can leverage technology to become more customer obsessed and engage healthcare customers in new, innovative ways.  Her areas of focus include virtual care, customer experience, population health, and value-based care. Previously, Arielle led product strategy for athenahealth’s Population Health solution and also was a manager with Deloitte Consulting. She holds a B.S. in health management and policy and a B.A. in communication from the University of New Hampshire.

Kristi Ebong

Kristi Ebong

SVP Corporate Strategy, Orbita

Prior to Orbita, Kristi led emerging technology at Cedars-Sinai, launching its accelerator where she evaluated over 3,000 startups. She served under the Obama Administration in the ONC and has experience at Epic Systems as well as startups, and foundations. A frequent presenter on digital health, she has master's degrees in Public Health and Business from The Johns Hopkins University, and bachelor's degrees in Political Science and Global Security from The University of Wisconsin. 

Organizations face unprecedented challenges in responding to COVID-19, especially in quickly finding cost-effective and scalable solutions. Arielle Trzcinski of Forrester and Orbita's Kristi Ebong discuss how chatbots and other conversational technologies can be quickly deployed to:

  • Streamline navigation by directing individuals to custom endpoints, such as live chat, human agents, virtual visits, appointment scheduling, front-line clinicians, or educational materials
  • Administer automated virtual health checks (daily or more frequent) to monitor, manage, and track specific populations
  • Make screening and triage more accessible to higher-risk populations across multiple channels (web, voice, SMS/text, and analog phone)
  • Reach individuals in multiple languages