WEBINAR | The power of voice: Will AI-driven virtual bedside assistants become mainstream?


Nick White

Nick White

Co-creator of OrbitaASSIST, EVP Patient Care Solutions, Orbita

Nick has deep expertise helping transform operations via technology from a 17-year career with Deloitte Consulting in Australia, the UK, and Southeast Asia. While managing Deloitte’s AU-based Smart Healthcare Solution Team, he co-created and incubated the award-winning OrbitaASSIST solution.

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers

CEO & Co-founder, Orbita

Bill’s unique combination of hands-on technology expertise and broad-based business strategy acumen allows him to take a unique, holistic approach to creating and managing software companies.  Rogers previously founded Ektron, a provider of Web content and digital management platforms used to create and manage unique, personalized digital experiences. The company was acquired in 2014 and merged with Episerver. He also co-founded one of healthcare’s first telemedicine companies.

Conversational AI and virtual health assistants are bringing new opportunities to care facilities to improve patient journeys and yield radical workflow efficiencies.

Will the hospital rooms of the future continue to provide traditional bedside call buttons? Or will these be replaced with digitally reimagined, AI-driven, voice-powered agents?

Learn from the expert who created today’s industry-leading, market-proven virtual bedside assistant.

Watch this webinar to gain new insights about:

  • How patients can ask for assistance simply by speaking a request — with AI working in the background to prioritize and smart-route requests to efficiently aligned resources
  • What early research shows about the value of enhancing data-rich communication pathways between patient, nurses and other caregivers
  • How virtual bedside assistants can improve patient satisfaction, and support nurses and other clinicians to practice at top of license