[REPLAY WEBINAR] Voice-enabled virtual assistants: Improving operational efficiency and patient experience in care environments

Orbita August Webinar


Urvi Shah

Senior Manager, Customer & Digital Transformation, Deloitte

Urvi is a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Customer & Digital Transformation practice where she helps clients develop and implement customer experience imperatives with the strategic application of digital tools and technology. As a leader in Deloitte's Virtual Health practice, she focuses on opportunities to help engage with customers across the continuum of care. Urvi has worked with many leading organizations including integrated delivery systems, academic medical centers, retailers, and traditional physician clinics and hospitals, as well as long- term care and mental health facilities.

Matthew Montelongo

Lead of Global Healthcare Provider & Vendor Practice, Orbita

Matthew Montelongo understands how patients, clinicians, leadership, workflow, and technology converge to bring value to all aspects of an organization. With 30+ years in administration and consulting, his roles have included hospital COO, medical practice CEO, and Sales & Marketing VP for a digital health vendor.  With Orbita, Matthew helps organizations leverage conversational AI to improve consumer and patient experience, increase engagement, and improve profitability. 

How are hospitals and other care facilities using virtual bedside assistants to improve the patient journey? How can conversational AI improve data-rich communication pathways between patient, nurses and other caregivers?
Today, AI-driven patient communication and engagement solutions enable patients to ask for assistance simply by speaking a request - with AI working in the background to prioritize and smart-route requests to the most efficient resource to meet patient needs.
You'll learn how these solutions:
  • Improve patient satisfaction by delivering immediate responses, confirming next steps, providing self-serve access to FAQs, etc.
  • Empower nurses and other clinicians to practice more fully at top of license by automating many of today’s work tasks
  • Improve patient experiences in a care setting through voice-enabled environmental smart controls (TV, lights, blinds, etc.)