WEBINAR | Patient acquisition & retention: the future of omnichannel virtual assistants

Patient acquisition & retention: the future of omnichannel virtual assistants


Harris Hunt

Harris Hunt

SVP Growth Product, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Patty Riskind, CEO, Orbita

Patty Riskind

CEO, Orbita

Nathan Treloar

Nathan Treloar

Co-Founder & COO, Orbita

41% of patients say they would stop going to their healthcare provider over a poor digital experience.  

Health systems can improve patient acquisition and retention with the help of omnichannel virtual assistants that engage and delight. Discover how to open and enhance healthcare’s digital front door to offer care that goes beyond expectations.

Walk away with new insights about: 

  • The transition to a “new world” post-pandemic with virtual experiences 
  • Leveraging technology to support healthcare consumerism  
  • The power of secure, scalable omnichannel virtual health assistants to improve patient acquisition and retention