WEBINAR | Hello, Chatbot: HCP Insights & Best Practices to Optimize Virtual Engagement

Hello, Chatbot HCP Insights & Best Practices to Optimize Virtual Engagement


Henry Anderson headshot

Henry Anderson

SVP, Digital Strategy, RevHealth

Erin Fitzgerald headshot

Erin Fitzgerald

Chief Marketing Officer, Sermo

Nathan Treloar

Nathan Treloar

Co-Founder & COO, Orbita


Elise Whitaker

VP of Customer Success, Orbita

As healthcare becomes more digital, brands need to adopt new, innovative solutions powered by conversational AI that can enable and enhance virtual HCP and sales rep engagement

In this webinar, we explore findings from a new study that assesses HCP interest and adoption of chatbots and other virtual assistant technologies, as well as best practices for deploying these solutions to improve brand awareness and drive sales.

You'll walk away with new insights about:

  • Adoption of chatbots by HCPs
  • Impactful use cases for chatbots and virtual assistants for HCPs and brands
  • Proven tools, techniques, and best practices for designing engaging virtual assistants that work