[WEBINAR] Conversational AI in pharma: where are we headed?



Shwen Gwee

VP and Head of Global Digital Strategy | Bristol Myers Squibb

Shwen is a recognized pioneer in digital health and social pharma. He brings over a decade of experience leading digital strategy and driving innovation in commercial, communications, and clinical organizations. Well respected by the industry, Shwen is a thought-leader who was named a Top 40 “Healthcare Transformer” by MM&M in 2015 and a PR Week and MM&M "Health Influencer 50" in 2017 & 2018. Shwen is also very involved in the health tech startup community and organizes startup bootcamps, runs startup pitch contests and plays an active role running healthcare hackathons around the world as part of the MIT Hacking Medicine team.

Angela Radcliffe

Angela Radcliffe

R&D Life Science Expert | Founding Member, CoS, IEEE Global Initiative to Standardize Fairness in the Trade of Data | Advisory Board Member to Startups in Life Science | Clinical Research Advocate

Angela Radcliffe is a clinical research expert and data ethics evangelist with over two decades of experience driving transformation and organizational agility at the intersection of health, tech, and data. Angela’s work has impacted >100 global clinical research efforts across almost every therapeutic area. As an author and speaker, Angela uses her personal journey to demonstrate how inclusive research can impact the root causes of our most challenging social issues. She is committed to the pursuit of more authentic patient engagement, giving data ownership back to humans, the promotion of health and data literacy for all, and normalizing clinical research as a care option.

Chris Cullmann

EVP, General Manager | RevHealth

Chris Cullmann is an expert in digital and marketing strategy for healthcare and pharmaceutical brands with more than two decades of experience. The focus of Chris’ career for the last 17 years has been innovating in healthcare communication. A thought leader in the field of healthcare, Chris has been named one of the most 100 inspiring leaders in healthcare marketing by PharmaVOICE. His perspectives on mobile health technologies and social media marketing have appeared in trade journals and white papers. Chris has developed innovative branding campaigns for J&J/Janssen, Novartis, Merck, GSK, Bayer, Pfizer, and other leading corporations.

Elise Whitaker

VP Customer Success | Business Lead, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences at ‎Orbita

Elise Whitaker is a leading conversational AI strategist with over two decades of commitment to digital transformation – improving customer experiences through emerging technologies. She has partnered with top pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations to reimagine how they support, empower, and communicate with Patients and HCPs to improve overall care, support and access. Elise is committed to improving the communication and education of those diagnosed with life threatening illness and chronic disease by providing them with the emotional and reassuring support that they deserve when they need it most. Elise is a frequent speaker and advocate serving and speaking on behalf of Family-Centered Care programs at CHOP.

Join us on Thursday, August 6th at 1pm ET for a complimentary webinar with Bristol Myers Squibb VP and head of global digital strategy Shwen Gwee, leading R&D life science and clinical research expert Angela Radcliffe, RevHealth EVP and General Manager Chris Cullmann, and Orbita VP customer success and pharmaceuticals & life sciences lead Elise Whitaker.  We'll discuss how conversational AI is advancing virtual patient care, remote clinical trials, and more.
Walk away with new insights about:
  • How the pandemic has altered the advancement of clinical trials forever
  • The steps pharma can take to create a truly digital healthcare ecosystem
  • How conversational AI can augment medical/sales teams in a virtual care world
  • How pharma can provide patients with outstanding customer experiences found in other industries