In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Orbita has been working to help our customers, other healthcare provider organizations and large employers across the world triage and navigate patients virtually to support the worried-well, at-risk, and symptomatic patient populations.

COVID-19 Chatbot Screener & Knowledge Base – Deployed to your website as a text chatbot, educates patients and screens symptoms seamlessly across web browsers with content from the CDC and other clinically-vetted sources.


COVID-19 Chatbot Screener & Knowledge Base, plus any or all of the following:

Navigator In addition to the screener and knowledge base, the navigator tool directs patients to custom endpoints such virtual visits, appointment scheduling, a live chat agent, or educational materials

Health CheckSupport symptomatic and/or at-risk patients through secure assessments that can be delivered through chatbot, text-message or phone calls at regularly scheduled intervals (one Orbita customer is checking in with a target population four times a day)

Employee Health Check Helps employers screen, check-in, and manage their employees to provide support for both front-line and remote employees to monitor employee health, and direct to supportive resources, and provide clearance for work (this solution helps manufacturers and other essential businesses to keep their employees healthy and well-supported)

Additional benefits of Orbita COVID-19 Chatbot Screener & Knowledge Base (included in premium version)

  • Works seamlessly across web browsers, mobile chatbots, smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.)
  • Available via phone or SMS messaging: critical for reaching at-risk patient populations who may not use a smartphone or website 
  • Can be integrated with existing visit scheduling and telemedicine services

[WEBINAR] Scaling front-line COVID-19 response: virtual education, screening, triage, and patient navigation

Watch webinar with Arielle Trzcinski of Forrester and Orbita's Kristi Ebong on demand. 


*No-fee version of COVID-19 chatbot available only for web-based text chatbot through September 30th, 2020.