Orbita has been working to help our customers, other healthcare provider organizations, and large employers across the world triage and navigate employees virtually to support the healthy but worried, at-risk, and symptomatic patient populations.

Orbita Employee Health Manager - daily check-1

The Orbita Employee Health Manager helps employers screen, check on and manage employee populations, direct them to educational resources and provide work clearance.

Additional benefits of Orbita Employee Health Manager:

  • Works seamlessly across web browsers, mobile chatbots, smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.)
  • Available via phone or SMS messaging: critical for reaching at-risk patient populations who may not use a smartphone or website 
  • Can be integrated with existing visit scheduling and telemedicine services

may2020_webinar_1200x628_3-02[WEBINAR] Employee Health & COVID-19: virtual assistants for employee health and worksite wellness

Join Nimisha Kalia, MD, MPH, MBA, North American Medical Lead at Procter & Gamble and Director, Division of Occupational Medicine at Johns Hopkins and Chelsea Biel, BSN, RN, Director of Clinical Informatics at Orbita for a live discussion about digital solutions for employee health initiatives on Wednesday, May 27 at 1:30pm ET.