Interactive eBook | Optimize your Call Center for Renewal and Revenue Growth

Optimize your Call Center for Renewal and Revenue Growth

The scheduling backlog from the COVID-19 pandemic has created health, financial, and administrative problems. Is your call center prepared to efficiently reschedule these appointments?

Download this eBook to learn how intelligent virtual assistants can free up phone lines and optimize your call center by automating the scheduling process for any/all procedures - and how:

  • The current healthcare call center experience is riddled with friction and inefficiencies for patients looking to schedule appointments
  • Other consumer-centric companies, such as Open Table, Tock, Uber, and Lyft have fostered quick, easy, and self-service scheduling, setting high expectations for consumers as they seek and make healthcare decisions
  • Intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) optimize call centers by automating the appointment scheduling process to post-discharge communications for any/all procedures and examinations

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