Unlock your content. For HCPs. Patients. Internal audiences.

The Orbita Express virtual assistant can be activated within 1 business day.

Leveraging OpenAI’s GPT technology, Orbita Express unlocks content from life science websites – information often hard to access, understand and use. 

The solution quickly (and inexpensively) ingests volumes of resources from either public-facing or internal websites – and curates the information to launch an intuitive Q&A virtual assistant for patients, healthcare providers or internal audiences.  

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We get you up and running in 1 business day — and you can try Orbita Express free for 30 days.

Step 1: Complete the form at the right 

Step 2: After you have submitted your request, Orbita will ingest information from your website and create a conversational virtual assistant based on your content 

Step 3: You will receive a link to review and test the virtual assistant  

Step 4: Once approved, you will receive instructions about how to embed Orbita Express on your website


Get started today! Have questions before you begin? Email hello@orbita.ai 

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