Improve the employee experience – and deliver the self-service options your patients want.

CallDeflectAI provides relief — within 1 business day.

CallDeflectAI is a generative AI-powered virtual assistant that can deflect and divert calls from your contact center and front desk. Using information available on your website to ensure accuracy, CallDeflectAI answers the routine and repetitive questions your staff fields day after day.

This digital, self-service option means:

    • Patients enjoy the consumer-friendly experience they’re used to in other areas of their lives – and get their questions answered faster, at their convenience
    • Employees are more satisfied (which reduces turnover and labor costs) when they have more time to engage with those patients who generally need their one-on-one attention – because CallDeflectAI has reduced inbound volume.

For a limited time, Orbita is offering CallDeflectAI free for 30 days. Our team uses generative AI models to ingest and process web content. Then we stand up the virtual assistant in as little as one day.

Click below to read how Dayamed has deployed CallDeflectAI to help inform its community about its services. Then fill out the form to request a brief demo.

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CallDeflectAI Client Story
DayaMed: Augmenting Staff Resources

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