WEBINAR | Conversational AI in healthcare: What about ROI?

Orbita October Webinar with Cognizant



Kristi Ebong

SVP Corporate Strategy, Orbita

Kristi has nearly 15 years of experience in health tech. Prior to Orbita, she was Head of Emerging Technology at Cedars-Sinai, and served under the Obama Administration in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. Her professional roots include time spent at Epic Systems, large healthcare providers, startups, and foundations.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Conversational AI Practice Leader and Associate Vice President, Cognizant

With responsibility for Cognizant’s Conversational AI practice, Matt leads a team that provides a continuum of services to help brands develop a customer-first conversational strategy, operationalize and scale solutions, and ensure privacy and security while providing customized and contextual interaction. 

Conversational AI holds great promise to drive new opportunities for engaging consumers and customers across all industries. In healthcare, the stakes are high - especially as organizations explore opportunities to leverage this new digital channel to improve care while also reducing costs.

Watch the webinar recording for a thought-provoking discussion around these questions:
  • How far away is conversational AI from landing in healthcare?
  • What should healthcare organizations consider when thinking about virtual assistants through chatbots or voice?
  • What blind spots do organizations now have when considering an investment in chatbots and voice applications?