Attending AHIP 2019? We look forward to seeing you.

Attending AHIP 2019? Let's meet on-site.

AHIP Institute & Expo 2019

June 19-21, 2019

Nashville, TN


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Learn how today’s most innovative health insurers are leveraging voice applications and chatbots to enhance consumer and member engagement.

If you're considering voice- or chatbot-powered virtual assistants in your organization, let Orbita be your guide in providing HIPAA-secure solutions to your consumers.


We recommend this panel moderated by Orbita's SVP of Strategy and GM of Healthcare Providers, Kristi Ebong:

The Future of Voice Technology in Health Care with Orbita's SVP Strategy and General Manager, Providers Kristi Ebong serving as moderator (June 20, 3:50-4:35). 

Schedule a meeting with us in Nashville or stop by our expo booth (1201-H).